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28 Jun

“When are you gonna write a blog?” This from a number of friends who are either really interested, or tired of seeing all the FoodSpotting, Yelp and other food posts on my Facebook page, in my Twitter feeds, FourSquare check-ins, etc. So, here it is… at least the start of it.

The design and visual stuff may change over time. Just bare with me.

I welcome your interaction.

Keith – I’m Your Neighborhood Chow Hound

Better Half Seeks to be the Best

6 Jan

This is sort of the third time I’ve written about this place. In it’s previous life as Push Start Kitchen, I raved about the food and the folks who brought it to us. Now I get the chance to do the same in it’s current incarnation as Better Half. Less than one month old, Better Half is on the way to being a hot spot in Atlanta’s dining scene. And I’m going to do my part to make it happen by shouting about it.

Zach and Cristina Meloy have produced a labor of love that is at once what Push Start was and was meant to be. It’s a cozy, familial and special place. Zach marries South American and Southern American flavors deliciously. I guess that is what makes his food so good; it’s unique, sometimes exotic, but always approachable.

On a recent rare visit to the A, I scored a table for dinner. At the time the place had only been open 10 days. Even so, it had a modest crowd and I was glad I made reservations well in advance. Zach was hustling in the open kitchen which is right behind the bar/chef’s table set up. He likes to see people eat and chit chat. He’s a touchy-feely type guy. Not in a creepy way, though. Well, the beard gets a bit disturbing at times. 

Leidy (mom-in-law) was up front greeting everyone warmly. Unfortunately, Cristina had mommy duty that night and wasn’t around. The rest of the staff, though, treated us like family and gave the place a comfy, welcome home feel. It was the kind of vibe you expect to get around the family dinner table during the holidays with people talking and laughing and leaning over to their neighbor to suggest their favorite dish. “Oh, you gotta try the so-and-so.” “Hey, what is that you’re having?”

In fact, that’s what happened to me and my date. We got several recommendations from the folks at the table next us. That’s the kind of vibe Push Start was known for and thankfully it has carried over to Better Half.

Let me walk you through my meal.

First – pickled shrimp, black bean falafel, red onion jam, cilantro


I want to convince Zach to offer a plateful of the falafel and jam on the side. However, I think he has a Charlie Trotter thing going, where you won’t see the same dish twice on his menu. I haven’t so far, and he has fed me quite a few meals.

Second – seared tuna, ham hock, guajillo sauce, baby kale


A little surf and pork? Sounds odd but it was a great combination. I think that was a little polenta cake in the center. I forgot to ask, but I ate it.

Third – black cocoa sponge, ancho cajeta, vanilla milk


The story is Zach asks his mother-in-law to fix this cake each year for his birthday. I totally understand why. He is a HUGE dulce de leche fan, so the cajeta (the caramel colored swipe) was no surprise. The peppery hint of ancho chile paired well with the cocoa cake. Sweet and just a touch of spice. Next time a big ‘ole hunk will suffice. I’ll sacrifice style for substance in this case.  

Other items on the menu included, roasted apple bread pudding (pictured below), 18-hour short rib, plantain crusted turkey and beet salad.


Bringing strangers together in an intimate setting, to share some good food and drink is what this place is about. You may end up with several new friends along the way. It happened to me. So let me encourage you to take a friend or two and spend some time with friends you don’t know yet. You might get a shot of moonshine if the stars align correctly. The featured flavor on my night out was chai tea – Yowza!

Tell Zach and Cristina that I sent you. And as Zach would say, “go get fed!”



End of summer BBQ

5 Oct

The weather has definitely taken a turn toward fall. You can tell by all the Halloween decorations in the stores. Friday night high school football is back. I think less about a cold beer than I do a soothing Manhattan. And of course, BBQ becomes a rarity. Yes, you can throw some meat on the grill in most types of weather, but the joy loses some of its appeal when you’re wearing long sleeves and thermals.

So I’ll live a bit in the not too distant past and relive some of the Q I shoved down my gullet this summer.

12 Bones – Asheville, North Carolina

I was told this was the “power stop” for BBQ. National and local political types put this place on their tour stops when they want to be among the people. Even Barack Obama visited on while on the campaign trail. I’ll give their campaign staff kudos for at least having good taste. The line is long but moves fast. The staff is friendly.

The baby back special of the day (3 flavors are offered each day) on my stop – blueberry rub. Yes. Blueberry. As in the fruit. But as Johnny Gill would say, my, my, my, my, my-my-my-my.


The smoked potato salad is something out of this world.


Chicago q – Chicago

It’s on Chicago’s Gold Coast so you know it starts out expensive and a little upscale. I mean they serve Kobe beef ribs and brisket. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, a friend flagged this for me on someone’s Top 10 list of places that handle bacon with a little extra special something. More on that later.

The q was quite respectable. I went traditional and got the baby backs. Nice smoke ring, crust and enough bite on the bone. The house made sauces provided for good pairings if you’re so inclined – mild original, spicy (which is just the original with red pepper flakes), Eastern North Carolina vinegar and South Carolina mustard. I liked mixing and matching the sauces, except the mustard (never been a fan).

I sought out this place for the house bacon cheddar hush puppies. These warm, golf ball-sized puppies had chunks of salty, smokey bacon that made my tongue dance. I’d make a meal out of them any day. 


The ribs.


The sauces.


 Slows – Detroit

When you ask about BBQ in Detroit, people send you to Slows. They are correct. That’s all you need to know.


Slows sauces.



Rub BBQ Pub – Detroit

I wager that if you ask people in metro Detroit for a good BBQ recommendation, Rub will come in a close second behind Slows. I went one day for lunch and wanted to go back for dinner. That’s all you need to know.


The Slim Shady is a heaping mound of BBQ chicken topped with a heap of coleslaw on Texas toast. I don’t know if its namesake had anything to do with the sandwich, but he’d do well by saying he did.


Luella’s – Asheville, North Carolina

Luella’s has tons of good stuff to eat, but they keep it simple. Smoke the meat. Don’t get fancy with sauces. Keep a steady supply of homemade sides and fixins.


Ribs, vinegar coleslaw, hush puppies, calico baked beans. What you don’t see are the smoked wings that came in round 2 and the bourbon ice cream that finished me off… after I finished it off.


Keep it simple – ketchup based, vinegar (we are in North Carolina, after all)


Rib Cage – Kalamazoo, Michigan

This trailer is as close to street food as you get in this part of West Michigan – as far as I know, anyway.

I knew I was in the right spot when I walked up to the window to place an order and the owner shoved a plate of freshly made deviled eggs in my face. “Thanks for stopping by. Have one. You’ll love it.” Who was I to refuse such hospitality?

While not the best DE I’ve had, it made for a good first time experience. The ribs, however, are what keep me coming back. This brother has some southern heritage. The meat is smoked to perfection; you can watch them being made in the huge smoker right across from the trailer. These aren’t made the night before and reheated. They are done when they are done. If you’re not around when they come off the grill, then shame on you because they won’t be around long.

I’ve not mastered the schedule yet, so I’ve walked away disappointed on more than one occasion.

But when I hit it right, look out. Nothing else matters. I have tunnel vision. I’ve even started the meal in the car. Yes, I am that guy.


There are no extra sauces. You get the slightly thick, sweet maple or molasses sauce that is a secret family recipe. I don’t know if you can get the ribs dry or not. I don’t care. The sauce doesn’t get in the way. Everything is right as rain, as long as I guess right about the time the ribs come off the grill.

Hmmmm, BBQ. 

Eat well.

How Do You Food? The redux.

8 May

I won’t insult you and pretend that I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t. Life changes and such have given me an excuse to be lazy. One thing hasn’t changed though; I still love good food and drink, and I love helping other people discover the same.

Since we last had a chance to chat, I left the comfortable, warm climes of the Peach State to the decidedly more frigid frozen tundra. Well, it’s actually only Michigan, but it’s damned cold enough most of the time.

With that move came a very different sensibility when it comes to food. I’m not tastebud bashing, however, if you start with meat and potatoes and go off the map to walleye and asparagus, you’ve pretty much run the gamut here. But that only speaks to variety. (I will not be a food snob. I will not be a food snob. I will not be a food snob.) There is a lot of good food to be found in these parts.  

Going forward, and because I travel a lot, many of these entries will be from locales far and wide. A growing emphasis will focus on what you can find in airports. For those of us who spend a lot of time flying, finding decent food between long or short layovers is essential. I hope to be of assistance. I tend to schedule my flights to allow time to eat something, particularly in marquee cities. You never know what you may find.

So for my thirsty and hungry faithful, I have captured much in the last several months. I just need to set “pen to paper” and serve it to you in the delectable bites you’ve said you like. Until then, eat well my friends.

Here are a few pictures teases of things I want to share with you.   








Killing Fish in Seattle

18 Nov

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you what this post is really about – a perfect sushi experience. I traveled to Seattle recently and my culinary mind was fixed on seafood of all varieties. It had been a while since I’d had really good, fresh seafood. So, in my week-long trip I enjoyed seafood of all stripes and varieties in almost every meal, even breakfast.

A standout experience happened at Wann Japanese Izakaya. On the menu is a maki roll like no other I’ve ever had. The Black Belt Roll made my head spin. It was so good that I went to Wann three different times for it. The ingredients read fairly simple – tuna, salmon, yellowtail, pickled ginger, shiso leaf, daikon sprouts, cucumber. But, sushi is about simplicity. I watched a movie a few days ago, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, about a 9-seat, Michelin 3 star sushi restaurant in Japan. The owner and head chef, Jiro, does one thing – sushi. And he does it well. His theory is to focus on perfecting your skill, keeping it simple, and doing it the same way forever. I felt that kind of dedication in the execution of the Black Belt Roll. That’s how it hit me.

Black Belt Roll – Wann Japanese Izakaya (Seattle)

The taste of each ingredient burst onto my tongue in each bite. The balance of flavors was uncanny. The textures fit perfectly. To have that same experience in three separate visits was unique.

The izakaya itself is nothing particularly special. The service is good, the decor is fine and the atmosphere is comfortable. Beyond that, there isn’t much to crow about. It’s all about the food. The Black Belt Roll is on another level. You’ll do yourself a disservice if you go to Seattle and don’t try it.

BTW… you can get Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix.

Eat well.

The Name’s the Game

29 Oct

I tend to follow food trends. It could be a technique, seasonal ingredient, unique combinations of ingredients or whatever. I’ve been hooked on roasting, sushi, pork tacos, chiles, bacon, you name it.  Often, those trends are of my own invention. Lately, I’ve been attracted to names. Yeah, names. Go figure.

I don’t know when it started, but funky names – for places and dishes – have caught my eye. You’d think that an intriguing name would lead to an intriguing experience; not always. But here are a few that I tried simply because of the name, for better or worse.

Duff Beer
I know there are probably a million brewers out there paying homage to our first family of cartoons. How many, though, are a home brew for a Hobbit themed pizzeria? Yep, this was a double bonus. Duff Beer (a nice IPA) brewed and served at Bilbo’s Pizza in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Gotta love it.

Duff Beer – Kalamazoo, MI

The Biscuit Bitch
I was on a business trip in Seattle and came across this place. I did a double take and loudly announced to my colleagues where I would have breakfast the next day. True to my word, I was there 5 minutes before the doors opened. It’s the type of place you’d expect to find in Seattle. It had a cool, I-don’t-give-a-damn kind of vibe. However, they give a very big damn about serving good biscuits. Now I’m not a big enough snob to think that you have to be from the south to make good biscuits. The Biscuit Bitch, though, definitely has some roots that stretch below the Mason/Dixon.

Ghettoblaster Beer
Of course, when you throw caution to the wind and get sucked into trying something because of the name, you sometimes come up with a dud. Thus, the Ghettoblaster beer from Motor City Brewing Works. Offensive? Kinda. I was more offended by the poor execution of this English style mild ale. And it didn’t help they were serving it at the Westin Book Cadillac, a pretty swanky Detroit hotel, which means it cost more than your average beer Boo Boo. If you see it anywhere outside of Detroit, and I’m sure you won’t – skip it. Try one of Motor City’s other offerings like the pale ale.

Ghettoblaster – Motor City Brewing Works

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale
So you may think I’m on a beer kick with this trend. That’s only because craft brews can have some very inventive names. I’ve got some food stuff coming up. On this one, I wasn’t even looking for beer. How could I pass it up? And it’s a damned fine brew. I like it a lot. Not spammy at all. I just hope it’s widely distributed.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
I just love saying the name. Grindhouse Killer Burgers. It just rolls off the tongue in the right way. The name is taken from a category of movie theaters of the 50s and 60s. Blood and guts, action and guns were the normal fare. Awesome burger combinations are the fare at this burger joint. At one time I worked within walking distance of one location and visited at least twice a week. Double cheese, fries and a coke. Or an Apache (jalapenos), o-rings and a coke. And you can watch a movie while sitting at the counter. What could be better than enjoying a freshly made double cheeseburger (that you didn’t have to make yourself) with a side of onion rings and watching the car chase in Bullitt? Plus, you don’t have to clean up your mess. Killer, indeed.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers – Atlanta, GA

The Ghettoburger
Enter the famous, some would say infamous, Miss Anne and her ghettoburger. She’s been serving it for more than 30 years. This place and it’s burgers were deserving of a separate post last summer. Offensive name? Not exactly. The place is definitely in the “hood. The burger is pretty much something that could only be imagined from the mind after a late night binge at the local watering hole or nightclub. Two beef patties, onions, bacon, chili, cheese… The name is forgiven because the burger is just so damn good! A pending hangover is not needed to fully enjoy.

The Ghettoburger, Ms. Anne’s Snack Bar – Atlanta, GA

Isotopes Slammin’ Amber Beer
No these are not named after Homer Simpson’s favorite local baseball team. But it’s actually a bit clever. From Sierra Blanca Brewing Company straight out of New Mexico. Get it? New Mexico… isotopes… radiation… Los Alamos… get it? Funny, huh? Well, it was at the time I discovered the beer. The brew itself is decent. They also have a line of alien brews. Roswell. Need I say more? Yeah, I know, it’s kind of cheesy. But hey, they’re trying to sell beer. Give ‘em a break.

Isotopes Slammin’ Amber – New Mexico

Doritos Locos Taco
Don’t judge me! I like Doritos. Who doesn’t? I like tacos. Of course. How could putting them together go wrong? Try one and you’ll find out. I don’t care what the commercial tells you.

Doritos Locos Tacos

Dead Guy Ale
I think this really is the best of the bunch, in both ways. Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Ales. It’s a cool name and accompanying logo. And it’s a very good beer; refreshing for an unfiltered brew, and has enough body to stand up to Thai food (that was my first introduction, oddly enough). No preservatives, no additives, no chemicals. Just good beer. The Grateful Dead similarities in the logo are just coincidence. I hear that Dead Heads love it.

Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Brewery – Everywhere

So that’s how clever names have led me to some good noshes and drinks. It’s not a perfect system. And that’s good because I’m not looking for perfection. The duds have helped me remember the joys of the discovery. I’m just a guy who likes to eat and drink. Luckily, there is a lot of good stuff out there.

Eat well.


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